How dare you? (V. Monologues Series. Part 3)

Pages Matam’s spoken word piece stirs such deep feelings of rage against people who not only participate in violating the sanctity of women’s sexuality and ridding them of innocence even before they know what has happened to them but also those who trivialize such grave issues. Over 89,000 cases of rape are recorded annually in the US alone and countries like Lesotho, Trinidad and Tobago, Sweden, Korea, New Zealand and United States are among the top countries where rape is prevalent according to Statistics Brain.

Somewhere, this week, this night a woman will be raped, a child’s innocence will be  stripped from away from her and will have to deal with this trauma the rest of her life. A life is destroyed, a future corrupted and dreams dashed as a result of this violation.

How must we as a society deal with this? Are you a victim? Can you share how you dealt with this? Do you know someone who survived this? Share.  What should be done to perpetrators? How do we prevent this all together?

Remember the Vagina Monologues show is at the National Theatre on the 14th and 15th. Tickets are available on Tiqeet or the nearest shopping mall in Accra.


Obenewa is an alum of the University of Ghana School or Performing Arts who plays multiple roles in this piece including a devastated victim of sexual violence.

If it is not on… (V. Monologues Series. Part 2)

 If it’s not on…

It is a cold evening. The air is chilly and gentle. The breeze is lulling and you are all by yourselves. The touch is warm and the embrace inviting. The weather is just ideal. A kiss, a gentle caress. All seem to be going well… it looks like it is going to happen. But you are not sure if he came prepared. What if asking will upset him and make him change his mind? What if he didn’t come prepared? Would you risk it all for a moment’s pleasure? Your heart is already racing and the breathing is in good rhythm. Do you ask the question now or consider his good looks and assume he is safe?

Protection is the subject today. What would you do in that situation? What do you advise? Have you been in that situation before?

Vagina Monologues presents us with yet another issue for contemplation. For a moment’s pleasure, people make choices that cost them their lives. By the time you finish reading this blog post  a significant number of  people would have died of HIV/AIDS around the world. This is common knowledge and yet people still make risky compromises. Why are they hesitant to ask their partners to get protections? Why do people take such risks knowing well the stakes?

Let’s hear your thoughts.

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Bush or no bush? – Vagina Monologues Series (Part 1)


On the 14th and 15th of February, 2014 the National Theatre will be lit with ear tingling, rising emotions and plainly shocking revelations around the enigmatic sexuality of women. Running for the third time at the National Theatre of Ghana in Accra, Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues inspires conversations about the sexuality of women, which society and religion have suppressed for ages, rendering the topic a taboo. The title itself creates shock and turns heads in some cultures.

Every year around the world in colleges and play centers on Val’s Day, Vagina Monologues is run to create awareness and drive conversations around the sexuality of women for social change that will lend a more positive attitude towards women and reduce sexual violence. This year, Global Art and Development Centre (GADEC) under the artistic directorship of Abdul Karim Hakib is leading the way.

Five beautiful and talented actresses assume characters who have had various sexual experiences, carrying us into their world of pleasure, turmoil and sometimes unspeakable pain. Some stories will arouse you sexually, some will shock you and some will move you to tears. Let’s start with the first character, an unnamed woman married to a man who prefers her all shaved. She tries to please him but she gets irritations and bumps. It makes her uncomfortable in her own body and even the pleasure of sex is lessened as a result of the aggravation and pain. She reverts to “bush-bush” and this upsets the man so much that he takes to town. The marriage begins to suffer as a result. Even after she returns to shaving, the man still goes to town. Marriage on the rock, woman unsatisfied and husband about town. Who can she talk to? Is it even allowed for her to talk about it? How easy is it to discuss this?

This subject may seem trivial to some, especially the men who may not appreciate the importance of honoring a woman’s body and  her sexuality. However, the issue still remains: a woman’s body and sexuality can affect not only how she enjoys lovemaking (or otherwise), the extent of her participation and her general outlook. What about the health implications for her?

This raises several questions. What should a woman in that situation do? Should she sacrifice her health and body for  her husband’s preference, especially since it could become an excuse for infidelity on the part of the man? If you are a woman, what do you advise? If you are a man, how can you help the situation? Share your experiences and thoughts. Some woman you know is in this situation right now.

See short preview here.

Sirina is a final year student at the University of Ghana School of Performing Arts. She plays multiple roles in this play one of them being the unnamed woman who struggles with pleasing her husband at the expense of her sexual health in order to save her marriage.

Sirina is a final year student at the University of Ghana School of Performing Arts. She plays multiple roles in this play one of them being the unnamed woman who struggles with pleasing her husband at the expense of her sexual health in order to save her marriage.

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