A bundle of hilarious twists and turns

It was a night packed with side splitting and rib cracking laughs from curtain rise till curtain fall when the Abibigromma Resident Theatre of the University of Ghana took the stage at the E.T.S Drama Studio. Rarely does one find a show open with a full house, an excited and discerning audience who appreciate a hearty laugh and a splendid performance. Such is ilfe.

Femi Osofisan’s Such is life comes alive once again at the Efua Theodora Sutherland Studio at the University of Ghana from the 28th to 30th March 2014 under the artistic directorship of Dr. Grace Uche Adninku. Set in the age of the Structural Adjustment Program (SAP) in Nigeria, similar to Ghana’s GIPC, Such is life highlights the impact of the harsh economic hardships survived by Nigerians even among the supposedly comfortable members of society. Prof. Juokwu, a lecturer of medicine and his ever suspicious wife Obioma, take us through the twist and turns of marital “bliss” and its undulating escapades. Prof. Juokwu being a scientist employs his learnings to induce what he aptly calls a “midnight blackout” on eagle-eyed wife evading her keen watch as he attends his “extracurricular” activities. Meanwhile an old suitor of Obioma returns from Rio with hot love burning in his chest to marry his true love.

Mr. Akubundu is somehow dragged into this convoluted twist of deceit, love, betrayal and manipulation. As a politician cum businessman, Mr. Akubundu is happy to sell not only his commodities but his political ideals as well. Well, with elections around the corner he has but little choice. Not until he discovers that his wife and Prof. Juokwu have put his political aspirations and reputation in a shaky place of imminent ridicule. As gentlemen, he and Prof. Juokwu agree to settle the issue with a duel.

Dr. Adinku is inspired by the complex issues underscoring this satirical comedy touching on infidelity, trust, and the domestic issues that plague regular people and how they seem to be at a loss given their misplaced priorities. To her the notion that it is normal for African men to be about town is simply unacceptable and we must engage society in active discourse if this predisposition is ever going to change. But even more important to her is the emphasis the play gives to priorities at home and balancing career ambitions and domestic challenges to stay on top of issues, as in the case of Mr. Akubundu, is far more important than public opinion.

The riveting performance of wits, repartees and pure humor in a myriads of ironies is interspersed with music and interesting dance interludes that neatly links the whole play together. The energy of the actors, eloquent delivery of lines and authenticity of acting is a sheer delight to watch.

The show continues till 30th March, 2014. You can find out more or buy discount tickets on Tiqeet.

 Abibigromma goes digital with SUCH IS LIFE

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